Major Requirements

As a political science major, you can pursue a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. Lower-division courses at the 100 and 200 levels are introductory, while upper-division courses at the 300 level build off those skills. 400-level courses generally offer smaller, more advanced, and specialized opportunities to refine those skills. In addition to division level requirements, each student majoring in Political Science is required to complete a class in the Political Theory subfield. The link below explains this in more detail and includes a list of Political Theory classes offered by the Department of Political Science.

Why study political science? What’s required to earn a degree? It's all summarized in our major map.

In addition to the major requirements, undergraduates must also satisfy university requirements for a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree, including areas of inquiry and cultural literacy requirements, as described on the Registrar’s Office website. Many political science courses simultaneously satisfy university and major requirements.

Consult the following resources for more information regarding political science major requirements:

Political Science Career Paths

Students may choose career paths to guide them through courses and toward career objectives. Political Science majors may be awarded up to two (2) career path certificates of completion upon graduation.

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Undergraduate Exception Requests

Students are free to request an exception to the department's major or minor requirements, though they should be aware that the department considers such requests carefully and tends only to grant them in cases of extenuating circumstance. Seniors should not wait until graduation to make an exception request.

Situations that qualify as extenuating have included but are not limited to: emergencies of a medical or familial nature, documented misadvising, or department failure to communicate. Misunderstanding the requirements of the PS major or minor is not an acceptable excuse.

Undergraduate Exception Request

Second Bachelor’s Degree

Students who would like to earn a second bachelor’s degree or a second or double major in political science must complete 48 credits in political science, as outlined in the major requirements above. Students who are considering a second bachelor’s degree and have prior political science credits should consult with an academic advisor, as some prior political science credits may not be applicable to a second bachelor’s degree.

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