Political Theory Courses

Political Science majors are required to take at least one class in the Political Theory subfield. Any course selected for this requirement may also satisfy division level requirements. For instance, PS 206 would count as one of the two required 200-level courses in addition to fully satisfying the Political Theory requirement.

The following courses satisfy the Political Theory requirement for undergraduate PS majors:

  • PS 206-Ethics, Identity, and Power (previously PS 199 Sp St Ethics, Identity, and Society)
  • PS 308-United States Political Thought
  • PS 309-Political Ideologies
  • PS 310-Roots of Democracy
  • PS 311-Sovereignty and Revolution
  • PS 312-Shadows of Modernity
  • PS 347-Political Power, Influence, and Control
  • PS 372-Music and Politics
  • PS 390-American Indian Politics
  • PS 391-Non-Western Political Theory
  • PS 433-Marxism and Radical Thought
  • PS 458-Feminist Political Theories
  • PS 471-Intergenerational Justice
  • PS 472-Matters of Life and Death

The UO Class Schedule will indicate courses that satisfy the political theory requirement with a “t” footnote. Experimental courses (PS 399, 407, & 410) that are coded with the “t” footnote will also satisfy the requirement.