Political science courses span a broad range of topics, allowing students to choose a personalized path of study that supports their career goals. We encourage political science majors to select a career path to help guide them through the courses that will best prepare them for their chosen career. We offer certificates of completion in six (6) career paths:

  • Public Policy and Political Action
  • Politics, Law, and Justice
  • Politics of Business
  • Global Engagement
  • Sustainability, Development, and Social Action
  • Ethics, Identity, and Society

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The University of Oregon course catalog offers degree plans and a complete list of undergraduate and graduate courses in the Department of Political Science.

Featured Courses

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PS 206-Ethics, Identity, and Power

This course is a gateway for those considering the "Ethics, Identity, and Society" track in the political science major. The course examines political power and ethical ideas about its use, with a focus on race, gender, religion, class, and other forms of social differentiation.

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PS 304-Democracy, Dictators, and Development

Examines key questions in political science like why some countries are rich while others are poor, why some countries are democratic and others are authoritarian, how these different political systems work, and which are best equipped to address ethno-nationalist conflict and economic development.

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PS 316-Black Lives Matter and American Democracy

Explores the ideological origins and contemporary politics of the Black Lives Matter movement. Modules include the demands of/on democracy, race and the criminal justice system, and the politics of protest.


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