Career and Professional Development

The University of Oregon has been awarding master’s degrees in economics since 1928, and our former graduate students are employed around the world. Recent placements include: 

  • Army Corps of Engineers
  • ADM Associates
  • Arrowhead General Insurance Agency
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation
  • Capital One Financial Corp.
  • Dish Network
  • eLoyalty
  • Energy Market Report
  • Envision Healthcare
  • FTI Consulting
  • Hanover Research
  • Hawes Group
  • Indiana University, PhD program in public affairs
  • Johns Hopkins University, PhD program in economics
  • Kansas State University, PhD program in economics
  • Kroger
  • Laurits R. Christensen Associates, Inc.
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Lighthouse Financial Advising
  • Lithia Motors
  • Manulife Financial
  • Michael Page (China)
  • Michigan State University, PhD program in criminal justice
  • Ningbo University
  • Oregon Criminal Justice Commission
  • Oregon Department of Education
  • Oregon Employment Department
  • Oregon Public Utility Commission
  • Piraeus Consulting
  • Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
  • Public Knowledge, LLC
  • Siuslaw National Forest
  • Strata Solar, LLC
  • Thomson Reuters
  • United Way
  • University of California Riverside, PhD program in economics
  • University of California, law school
  • University of Colorado Boulder, PhD program in economics
  • University of Maryland, PhD program in community and regional planning
  • Umpqua Bank
  • University of Oregon, PhD program in economics
  • University of Washington, PhD program in economics
  • Virginia Mason
  • Washington Federal
  • Washington State Department of Transportation
  • Washington State Institute for Public Policy
  • Zillow
  • Zoominfo

Economics professor talking to class  

UO Graduate Teaching Initiative

The UO Teaching Engagement Program's Graduate Teaching Initiative offers UO graduate students teaching any subject structured and rigorous, yet flexible, pathways to develop as college teachers. The program is meant to develop inclusive, engaged, and research-led teachers who will in turn help shape the campus teaching culture.

Graduate Teaching Initiative

Alumni Testimonials

picture of Simeon Minard

"The University of Oregon places a strong emphasis on applied econometrics and causal inference, which are in high demand, especially in the tech sector. I felt that the program really fostered both methodological competency and rigor in these areas, as well as the computational skills to implement them, which really gave me a strong foundation from which to launch my career in the private sector. Further, the environment is extremely friendly and collaborative with both students and professors. My advisors and other professors in the department were always available to provide guidance and expertise, while students in my year and upperclassmen were always happy to help me work through problems and grow."

-Simeon Minard, Economist - Amazon Web Services, '19

picture of Anna Miromanova

"The UO PhD program in economics provided me with all the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to pursue an academic career. Here I learnt how to be an effective instructor, a productive researcher, and a good colleague and peer. The program also brought many wonderful people into my life: I made connections with some of my closest friends as fellow graduate students from the program, as well as my most trusted mentors and advisors. The economics PhD program at UO helped me embrace my love for teaching and always provided resources to improve my teaching skills. For that and the many other wonderful things that came from this program, I am forever grateful."

-Anna Miromanova, Assistant Professor of Economics and International Business, Sam Houston State University, '20

picture of Anna Javed

"The economics department at the University of Oregon offers a variety of courses and seminars which create an intellectually curious and stimulating environment. The program provides both access to approachable faculty as well as exposure to the most cutting-edge and relevant tools and methods. Students are encouraged to find their own research agenda which, coupled with the rigorous training offered, lays the foundation for a successful professional career."

-Amna Javed, Gender Research Specialist - World Bank, '21