Accelerated Master’s Program

Well-prepared undergraduate UO economics majors with junior or senior standing are eligible to apply to the Accelerated Master’s Program in the Economics Department (AMPED). The aim of the program is to provide qualified students with access to graduate-level coursework during their senior year to facilitate and speed up their pathway to obtaining a master’s degree in the future. Admission is competitive.

Upon acceptance to AMPED, students will remain as undergraduate students but be allowed to take up to 12 credits (three [3] classes) from among a select group of four-credit (4-credit) 500-level courses offered in the Economics Department. These courses will count toward upper-division elective requirements for the undergraduate economics degree.

If, after graduating with their bachelor’s degree in economics, a student in AMPED joins the master’s degree program in economics at the University of Oregon, the 500 level courses taken as an undergraduate may additionally count toward elective requirements in the master’s degree program. That means you need to take fewer courses to earn your master’s degree!

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3+1 Path

If you entered the University of Oregon as a freshman with 36 or more credits, including two terms of calculus, you may be eligible to complete a bachelors AND master's degree in economics in four (4) years. Here’s how to make that 3+1 path happen with our Accelerated Master's Program – Economics Degree (AMPED):

Meet the Minimum Program Requirements

  • Complete EC311, EC313, EC320 and EC421 by the end of your second year at the University of Oregon with a grade of “B” or higher. (These classes require the prerequisites EC201, EC202, MATH 243/343.)

  • Earn an overall GPA of 3.2 or above.


Apply for AMPED

If accepted:

  • As an undergraduate, begin taking up to 12 credits of EC 500-level elective credits that will be applied to both the undergraduate and master's requirements for degree completion during your third year at the university and complete your bachelor's degree.

  • Complete the master's program of study during your fourth year at the university.

Do you think the AMPED 3+1 path is right for you? Contact the Economics Department to talk with an advisor and learn how you can maximize your time here at the University of Oregon.


Sample Schedule for AMPED 3+1 Students

Students must complete a total of 180 credits, including 62 upper division credits (300-level or above), to meet University of Oregon degree requirements. The 180 credits total is a combination of 168 undergraduate credits and 12 credits that apply to both the undergraduate and master's degrees.

This is a sample schedule only. Your schedule will vary according to the classes you transfer in from high school (or other institutions).

Year 1 Undergraduate Program

Fall Winter SPRING
EC201 EC202 MATH 243/343
WR121 WR122/123 SSC

Year 2 Undergraduate Program

Fall Winter SPRING
EC311 EC313 EC421
SC EC320 EC4xx
Elective/Minor Elective/Minor Elective/Minor

Year 3 Undergraduate Program

Fall Winter SPRING
EC4xx EC5xx EC5xx
Elective/Minor EC4xx EC5xx
Elective/Minor Elective/Minor Elective/Minor
Elective/Minor Elective/Minor Elective/Minor

Year 4 Undergraduate Program

Fall Winter SPRING
EC523 EC524 EC525
EC511 EC512 EC5xx
EC513 EC5xx EC5xx

Key for university requirements:

AL=Arts and Letters Area
SC=Science Area
SSC = Social Science Area
WR = Writing
US = Difference, Inequality & Agency
GS = Global Perspectives

Frequently Asked Questions

Info and Eligibility

What is AMPED?

AMPED gives UO economics majors access to accelerated, master’s-level coursework while meeting requirements for the bachelor’s degree. AMPED students who then enroll in UO’s master’s program in economics take a reduced course load towards the master’s degree. Effectively, AMPED students spread out the program of study for the master’s degree, first taking some courses as undergraduates and then taking a reduced course load towards the master’s degree.

Why should I enroll in AMPED?

You should consider enrolling in AMPED if you are an undergraduate UO student who is thinking about enrolling in the UO Master’s Program in Economics. There are several advantages to this program:

  • Effectively, AMPED students spread out the program of study for the master’s degree, taking some courses as undergraduates. This reduces the intensity of the master’s program and increases the feasibility of finishing it in one (1) year.
  • AMPED students gain access to graduate-level coursework that is typically more challenging than the standard 400-level equivalent.
  • AMPED students who take graduate level coursework gain some insights on the difficulty of graduate courses.

Do I have to be a UO economics major to participate?


I'm an economics minor who has taken the required prerequisites. Am I eligible to apply?

No, you must be an economics major. (If you want to become an economics major, complete the major change form.)

Is it possible to earn my bachelor’s and master's degrees in just four (4) years?

Yes, see the 3+1 program above for more information.

AMPED Requirements

What are the minimum requirements to apply to AMPED?

To be considered for AMPED, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Overall cumulative GPA of 3.2 or above.
  • Completion of EC 311, EC 313, EC 320 and EC 421, each with grades of “B” or better.

Students who have not yet completed EC 421 are eligible to apply for the AMPED, but their admission will be conditional on completing EC 421 with a grade of B or better.

These are only minimum requirements to apply, and they do not guarantee admission.

In evaluating applicants for AMPED, the Master’s Admissions Committee will place significant weight on a student’s performance in math courses required for the undergraduate economics degree, namely MATH 241 (or 251), MATH 242 (or 252) and MATH 243. Although not required, the admissions committee will view favorably those who have taken MATH 251 and MATH 252.

Will I have to pay extra tuition to enroll in the graduate-level AMPED courses?

No. The tuition is calculated the same way for your undergraduate courses.

Will my AMPED courses be transferable to the master’s program at another institution, or another program at the University of Oregon?

No. The AMPED courses will appear in your undergraduate transcript and are considered to be part of your undergraduate education.

How is AMPED different from reservation of credit?

Students who take graduate courses through reservation of credit, may count these courses towards either undergraduate requirements or a graduate degree. AMPED participants can use their AMPED coursework towards both undergraduate and graduate degrees without going through the reservation of credit process.

Applying to AMPED

How do I apply?

Complete the online application. On the application, you must list one (1) UO economics faculty member who has agreed to serve as a reference.

Note that this is not the application to the master’s program in economics. A separate application is needed to apply to the master’s program.

When can I apply?

Students must be classified as juniors or seniors in order to apply to AMPED. Applications are taken on a rolling basis for fall, winter, and spring terms. Applications are due by week five (5) of a quarter in order to join AMPED in the following quarter. Students may apply to AMPED in any quarter up to the quarter immediately prior to their final term of undergraduate studies.

To start taking AMp classes in Apply by
Winter 2024 October 27, 2023
Spring 2024 February 9, 2024
Fall 2024 May 3, 2024

AMPED Coursework

When can I begin taking courses as part of AMPED?

Students must be classified as seniors before taking graduate-level coursework in AMPED.

What classes can I take as part of the AMPED?

Once admitted to AMPED, students may take up to 12 credits ( three [3] classes) from any offered 500-level courses, with the exception of EC 503, 511, 512, 513, 521, 523, 524, and 525.

How do I register for my AMP coursework?

AMP students must submit an AMP course registration form each term they plan to enroll in 500-level coursework.

Once I enroll into the master’s program, will my AMPED courses count towards my master’s GPA?

No. Your AMPED courses will be included in the undergraduate transcript and will be counted as part of your undergraduate GPA. They will not be counted in your graduate transcript. Your transcript will only show that you transferred graduate credits from your undergraduate degree.

What are the minimum requirements to maintain satisfactory academic progress as an AMPED student?

To remain in good standing in AMPED, students must maintain:

  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above in AMPED 500-level coursework.
  • An overall cumulative GPA of 3.2 or above.

Further, in order for a 500-level course taken in AMPED to count for master’s degree program elective requirements, a student must earn at least a “B” in this course.

Applying to the Master’s Program

How long do I have to join the master’s program in economics at the UO after graduating with my bachelor’s degree as an AMPED student?

Students who wish to use coursework completed in AMPED toward their master’s degree in economics at the UO need to begin the master’s program no later than the academic year following their undergraduate graduation.

Will I automatically be admitted to the master’s degree program in economics if I am admitted to the AMPED?

Admission to the master’s degree program in economics at the University of Oregon proceeds through a separate application process. While participation in AMPED does not guarantee admission to the master’s program in economics, students who are making satisfactory progress in the AMPED have a high likelihood of being admitted to the master’s program.