Economics courses begin with micro- and macroeconomic theory. After taking intro to econometrics, students can customize their coursework with a wide variety of small, engaging, topical classes that explore how economists tackle important current social science questions. 

The University of Oregon course catalog offers degree plans and a complete list of undergraduate and graduate courses in the Department of Economics.

Featured Courses

The following courses are just a few examples of the areas of study economics majors can delve into.

LING 144 How to Learn a Language

EC 327 Introduction to Game Theory
Mike Urbancic

Introductory course in game theory. Develops game-theoretic methods of rational decision making and equilibriums, using many in-class active games.

LING 294 Child Language

EC 443 Health Economics
Ben Hansen

Includes moral hazard and adverse selection; incentives faced by health care providers through reimbursement, managed care, and malpractice; rationale for government intervention in the health care sector.

LING 211 Language of the World

EC 484 Multinational Corporations 
Anca Cristea

Economist's perspective of multinational corporations. Explores the policies governments use to influence corporate behavior and patterns of investment; taxation as a tool for implementing public policy.