Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The university is committed to equal access to programs, course offerings, facilities, admission and employment for all of its employees, students, and campus community members. It is the policy of the university to maintain an environment free of harassment and discrimination against any person.

Report a Concern

Reporting Resources

The University of Oregon has a wide array of resources for students, faculty, and staff to seek support and express concerns. Where to start? The History Department Diversity Committee suggests the following:

If you have experienced sexual violence:

The 24-hour UO SAFE hotline 541-346-7233 provides comprehensive support services not only in the immediate aftermath of violence, but also in pursuing university reporting procedures for those who wish to do so.

If you have experienced discrimination or harassment:

You can file a report (with your name, or anonymous) with the UO Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance. The GTFF (graduate student union) can also provide support if you are a graduate student.

What if you have experienced a form of discrimination that may not be strictly illegal, but does make you feel upset or uncomfortable? What if you have concerns about diversity climate in the History department as a whole?

That’s where the History Department Diversity Committee comes in. While the committee is not equipped to directly handle concerns about violent and/or illegal behavior, it is their charge to work with staff, faculty, and graduate employees to make the department a more comfortable and intellectually stimulating place for everyone. If you have a concern, no matter how small, you are encouraged to share it with the Diversity Committee if you are comfortable doing so. There are several ways to do this:

And if you prefer to go straight to the History Department Head, that works too: Vera Keller, vkeller@uoregon.edu

We promise we’ll get back to every inquiry we receive within one week. Thank you in advance for working with us to create a better department!

Reporting Resources for Students

Recommended contacts for history majors, minors, and any students taking courses with the History Department

Courses and Curriculum

For reporting concerns about department course content, interactions, and/or curriculum:

Department Culture

For reporting concerns about the culture within the department:

Graduate Employees

Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation

History diversity reporting info graphic for students

Diversity Committee

The Department of History Diversity Committee comprises UO employees and students, including representatives for faculty, staff, undergraduate students, and graduate students. The committee leads diversity initiatives within the department; facilitates the reporting of concerns from the history community; and supports the department’s commitment to a discrimination-free environment, as well as equal access to programs, course offerings, facilities, admission, and employment.

See the committee roster below for contact information.

Committee Members 2023-2024

Andrew Goble, committee chair
Arafaat Valiani, faculty representatives (winter and spring)
Sydney Hurd, undergraduate student representative
Juan Ochoa, undergraduate student representative
Doug Sam, graduate student representative
Moeko Yamazaki, graduate student representative