Internships and Peer Leaders

SOC 404 - Internship

Internships help students explore possible work and career options. In addition to a placement in a community agency, students may be asked to complete short written assignments designed to increase their sensitivity to the larger social forces shaping their immediate work situation.

If you are interested in receiving sociology credit for an internship, you will need to put provide the following information to the department:

  • Name of company, nonprofit, or organization for which you will be interning
  • Location of internship (city and state)
  • Length of internship and which academic term you plan to take SOC 404
  • Supervisor contact information
  • Description of job duties
  • Number of work hours per week
  • A description of the internship's connection to sociology

Students who meet these criteria may then enroll in SOC 404. Once they do, SOC 404 students will also be expected to submit a 3-5 page reflection paper by the end of finals week. Some find that keeping a journal for the length of their internship is helpful in completing this reflection paper. If passed, SOC 404 may be applied to the major or minor as elective credits.

Students interested in receiving SOC credit for an internship should contact the department at for current information and availability. The Department of Sociology will not award credit for full-time jobs.

Recent Internship Placements

Students discussing

Examples of recent internships by UO Economics majors include: 

  • Business Analyst, Boeing Corporation, Seattle, WA
  • Financial Analyst Intern, Marsh Co., Portland, OR
  • Intern, Merrill Lynch, Portland, OR
  • Marketing Technician, Fundación Jatun Sacha, Quito, Ecuador
  • Financial Consultant Intern, Saloman Smith Barney, Eugene, OR
  • Logistics Intern, Jacobs Engineering, Anchorage, AK
  • Marketing Associate, A.G. Edwards, Eugene, OR
  • Intern,, Eugene, OR
  • Suite and Preferred Services Intern, Portland Trailblazers, Portland, OR
  • Retail Management Intern, Target Corp., Eugene/Portland, OR
  • Junior Analyst, Integra Funds, Chicago, IL
  • Technical Assistant, ECONorthwest, Eugene, OR
  • Sales Representative, Brasher’s Auto Auctions, Eugene, OR