The Department of Political Science supports your career goals by offering credit for internships related to political science that help you explore and prepare for the job market. Eligible PS majors can receive two (2) credits for an approved internship.

PS 404 Internship

Internships are valuable experiences that can enhance your academic training and career trajectory. Please be aware that to receive approval of an internship for academic credit you will need to explain how this opportunity is an internship, not a regular job. The difference is that an internship is intended to give you training, supervision, and experiences that help you understand the associated career path that extends beyond this particular work experience.

To receive political science credit for your internship:

IE3 Internships

IE3 Global provides internships at over 100 different organizations in 50 countries. Students interested in participating in an IE3 internship will work with GEO and the PS director of undergraduate tudies to determine if credits are eligible for UO political science credit. Students must submit the PS IE3 contract before the IE3 program begins.

To receive political science credit for your internship:

LERC 406, Union Internship Program

This internship program is offered through the Labor Education and Research Center. Political science has approved credits from this program, when supervised by Professor Gordon Lafer, to count toward political science major requirements as internship credits, within the overall internship and specialized credit maximums. See PS Major Requirements and your degree guide for details.

Want to learn more about LERC 406? Visit the Labor Education and Research Center webpage.

Check the class schedule for course availability.

  • Course subject and number: LERC 406
  • Course title: Fld Union Intern Program

Wayne Morse Scholars Program

The Wayne Morse Scholars program provides skills building, service learning, and leadership training to students interested in public affairs and community engagement. Any current UO student who can commit to at least two (2) years in the program is eligible to apply.

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