Departmental Advising and Support

Deptartmental Advising, Tykeson Hall

All advising is hosted through Tykeson Advising. Students should start with Tykeson advising and will be referred to our advisors as needed. We work closely with Tykeson advising to ensure student success and access to resources and guidance.

Why study Environmental Studies or Environmental Science? What’s required for a degree? It’s all summarized in our major maps:

Prospective majors should schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss the degree requirements and declare the major.

Current majors are encouraged to meet with an advisor at least once a year to confirm that appropriate progress is being made toward completion of the degree. We offer Tip Sheets to help guide students through their major.

Graduating majors are required to meet with their advisor during the first term of the year they plan to graduate. This gives us an opportunity to confirm your progress toward your degree and discuss career plans.

Who to contact: Academic advising for ENVS and ESCI students happens through the Tykeson College and Career Advising Center with advisors in the Scientific Discovery and Sustainability flight path.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm

Front Desk: Phone: 541-346-9200

SDS Flight Path Email:

Remote Drop-in Advising: Online Drop-In Advising is designed to address your most immediate advising questions and concerns. Your advisor will engage you in conversation from a generalist perspective.

15-minute remote “drop-in” sessions are available Mondays through Fridays, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. via the website "drop in" chat function or call the Front Desk/Intake Team at 541-346-9200. You will be placed in the drop-in queue. When an advisor is available, your advising session will occur over the phone or computer/smartphone using Microsoft Teams.

ENVS Undergraduate Coordinator: Kate Schau

UO Email:



Schedule a Remote Appointment: You can schedule 30-minute appointments with Tykeson College and Career Advising team via Navigate (also available as a smartphone app).

  1. We recommend Chrome or Firefox browsers.
  2. Log into Navigate Student
  3. Enter your Duck ID and password.
  4. On the sidebar, click the purple calendar icon which says “Appointments” and click on “Schedule an Appointment.”
  5. For the question “What kind of appointment are you looking to schedule today?” click “Academic and Career Advising.”
  6. Following that, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Tykeson Hall – Scientific Discovery and Sustainability.”
  7. It will ask “What is the main topic you want to discuss in this appointment?” and select the topic most relevant to you.
  8. Under Location and Staff, the only option should be “Tykeson College and Career Advising."
  9. Any advisor on the Scientific Discovery and Sustainability team can help you.
  10. Select a date and time, add any comments if necessary and you will have the option of being sent a reminder.
  11. Select “Confirm Appointment.”
  12. If this above process does not work, call 541-346-9200 to book an appointment through Tykeson Hall Reception.
  13. Your remote advising appointment will take place over the phone or Microsoft Teams.

Preparing for Advising Meetings:

You are responsible for keeping track of your progress and making sure that all your requirements are completed. To ensure high-quality advising and make the best use of your advising time, use the resources below to prepare for advising meetings.

1) Review major requirements

  • Review your major requirements, ENVS or ESCI
  • Look for classes that match your interests and career goals
    • See ENVS course descriptions: Undergraduate Courses (links to 4.0)
    • See course catalog for other course descriptions

2) Review your degree guide and four-year plan

  • DUCKWEB > Student menu > Degree Guide- Interactive
  • Make note of which requirements you still need to fulfill
  • If you don’t have a four-year plan, create one with a Tykeson Advisor

3) Review appropriate ENVS tip sheet

  • Tip sheets list all courses offered the following term organized by how they will fulfill ENVS and ESCI requirements
  • Tip sheets are posted each term, one week before registration
  • Identify courses of interest that fulfill requirements you still need

Other Academic Help:

Tutoring and Academic Engagement Center

  • Drop-in Math, Writing, and Science Help
  • Class Encore: A Supplemental Instruction program that offers free peer-led, group study sessions for challenging courses
  • Study Skill Workshops
  • All services will have remote options for Fall 2020 and beyond

Academic Advising

  • ENVS and ESCI majors and minors are in the Scientific Discovery and Sustainability Flight Path for Tykeson Advising

Math Library

  • Drop-in homework help, especially 100-level
  • Referrals to other resources

CMAE Tutors

  • Drop-in Math, Science, and Writing Help


  • Course descriptions and details

Class Schedule

  • Available classes by term

Yamada Language Center

  • Self-Study Program for less commonly taught languages
  • Language Exchange for cooperative peer to peer tutoring
  • Online language learning and resources