Specialization Requirements

Graduate Specialization in Environmental Humanities 

The Environmental Studies program offers two graduate specializations which allow you to combine your primary degree with an additional set of courses designed to enrich your academic qualifications.

Environmental Studies Humanties
Environmental Humanities

Graduate students who wish to specialize in Environmental Humanities must take 24 credit hours from an approved list of courses.

  • No more than two of those courses may have the same subject code (with the exception of ENVS 609)
  • Only one course can come from the Methods Elective courses list
  • All courses must be at the 500 level or above.   

There are no required courses for the Environmental Humanities specialization. However, students must produce and successfully present a public-facing creative project that draws on two or more disciplines, in consultation with a project advisor from each discipline. Students may elect to take up to 4 credit hours of ENVS 609 Terminal Project as part of their required credit hours, in addition to up to two courses with the ENVS subject code. 

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Graduate Specialization