Research Opportunities

SOC 401 - Research

Credit is available to students who wish to carry out independent research projects in sociology. Projects may extend over several terms, with the student receiving credit each term they are enrolled in the course. The amount of credit depends on the scope of the project. Students should consult with a sociology faculty member about setting up a research project, then contact our undergraduate coordinators to enroll. Undergraduates may also receive credit for enrolling as an assistant to a faculty research project or assistance in a course. SOC 401 provides an opportunity to obtain research experience.

SOC 403 - Honors Thesis

Reserved for students who have been accepted into the honors program in sociology. Students enroll in eight credits (8) of this course across the fall, winter, and/or spring terms of their honors year. Learn more about the honors program, and contact Professor Vasquez-Tokos with any questions.

SOC 405 - Reading

SOC 405 is ideal for in-depth examination of a specific topic introduced but not covered in depth in other sociology courses. Reading and conference are not, however, designed to provide individualized instruction in topics that are covered in regular courses. Each reading student requires a time commitment from a faculty member that is above and beyond that required in a regular course. To enroll in a reading course, students should consult with a sociology faculty member, then contact our undergraduate coordinators. Once you're authorized to register, you can enroll for credit in Duckweb – make sure to choose the correct number of credits after registering! All specific requirements are up to the faculty member and the student.

Graduate Research Assistants

Research assistantships are occasionally available to applicants with some graduate training or exceptional undergraduate records, including research experience. These are renewable annually at the discretion of the research project director and the approval of the department.