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Every country and culture approaches political science differently. The best way to gain a well-rounded and diverse view of the field of political science is to live and study in another country.

Questions regarding political science credit for study abroad programs or courses can be directed to our director of undergraduate studies at

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The University of Oregon offers more than 10 study abroad programs that can satisfy your political science major (or minor) requirements. Programs are currently offered in Tanzania, Bolivia, or England. Alternatively, you can intern abroad through the GlobalWorks International Internship program in a variety of regions around the world.

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International Exchange

Students can enroll as an exchange student at a top international research institution for a semester (fall or fall/winter), spring quarter, full academic year, or summer term. Exchange students experience an immersive study abroad experience, living and learning with local students in their chosen city.

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GlobalWorks International Internship Program

This program, administered by the UO Global Studies Institute (GSI), offers internship opportunities in a wide variety of industry sectors and locations around the world.

Internship opportunities are highly customizable, and we guarantee placement in your preferred sector and location. Students earn up to eight (8) UO credits as well as life-changing work experience in a different culture.

Please email to discuss your options.

Application Deadlines for GlobalWorks
Fall Winter spring summer
July 15 September 15 December 15 January 15

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landscape of Tanzania with birds in the foreground
Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology in Tanzania

Location: Tanzania, Africa

Study how human development and population growth affect natural habitats and vice versa, and learn to reframe notions of sustainability in relation to local population needs, perspectives, and values.

Terms: Fall, spring

Credits: Check with our director of undergraduate studies.

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