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The Global Studies Master’s program at the University of Oregon is tailored to meet the unique professional needs of each student. In close consultation with a faculty adviser, the student develops a program that combines expertise in a specific professional area with interdisciplinary training in global studies. Faculty provide the academic and real-life knowledge of Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and Latin America, and other geographic regions so they can guide master’s students towards a graduate experience that will ready you for a career. Global Studies offers the opportunity to work with professors who have experience globally and who can work with you to build your skills for the career pathway you have chosen.  

Additionally, you will appreciate the opportunity to enter the program in a cohort of other students who will be a professional network throughout your career. Organizations with which we have successfully placed students as interns or as employees include, for example, migrant education programs and other organizations serving vulnerable and at-risk youth, community gardens and food banks, organizations supporting incarcerated or recently incarcerated people, shelters and medical outreach for the homeless, refugee and immigrant support programs, and accessibility projects for persons with disabilities, among many others. We regularly offer a course in professional development, covering skills such as networking and writing resumes and cover letters. 

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