Graduate Seminars

IRES Graduate Faculty Seminars

Below are 500- and 600-level graduate seminars commonly taught by our graduate faculty.

  • ES 507 Queer Ethnic Literature, Ernesto Martínez
  • ES 510 Queer Migrations, Ernesto Martínez
  • ES 540 Race, Literature, and Culture, Ernesto Martínez
  • ES 542 Caribbean Literature and Politics
  • ES 550 Race and Incarceration
  • ES 552 Race and Ethnicity and the Law,Charise Cheney, Lynn Fujiwara
  • ES 556 History of Native American Education, Brian Klopotek
  • ES 560 Race, Culture, Empire, Laura Pulido, Lynn Fujiwara
  • ES 570 Native and Indigenous Feminisms, Lana Lopesi
  • ES 607 Queer Ethnic Studies, Ernesto Martinez, Lynn Fujiwara
  • ES 610 Experimental Course

Graduate Courses Taught by Participating Faculty

Repeated course codes are repeatable “topics” courses. New courses through general topics must be approved by the director of graduate studies.

  • EDST 6xx Education and Immigration, Edward Olivos (Likely EDST 663)
  • ENG 660 Race, Nation, and the Politics of Belonging in the Ethnic American Bildungsroman, Kirby Brown
  • ENG 660 Native American Writing from Allotment to the Renaissance, 1887-1968, Kirby Brown
  • ENG 660 Ethnic Impersonation, Tara Fickle
  • ENG 660 American Literature: Ecocritical Approaches to Race and Ethnicity, Sara Wald
  • HIST 507 Global Migrations, Julie Weise
  • HIST 507 Crossing Borders: International and Transnational Histories, Julie Weise
  • HIST 569 Indian Removal, Jeff Ostler
  • HIST 608 Genocide in World History, Jeff Ostler
  • HIST 608 Native American History, Jeff Ostler
  • SOC 552 Sociology of Migration, Jessica Vasquez
  • SOC 644 Sociology of Race, Jessica Vasquez
  • TA 670 Intercultural Theater, Michael Najjar
  • TA 670 Middle Eastern Theater, Michael Najjar
  • TA 670 Arab American Theater, Michael Najjar
  • PS 607 Identities and Politics, Joe Lowndes
  • PS 607 US Political Culture, Joe Lowndes