Honors Requirements

The Anthropology Honors or Certificate Requirements

The Anthropology Departmental Honors Program is designed for outstanding Anthropology majors interested in independent exploration of a special topic of their own choosing under the guidance of a faculty member.  

 Students should identify an area of research interest during their junior years or earlier, and approach members of the faculty with whom they want to work. It is best if a student can take a class taught by the faculty member during the junior year (at the latest). Some faculty members require students to take a course from them before allowing students to work in their laboratories  

An honors thesis is expected to make a substantial and persuasive argument situated with in, and contributing to, current critical debates while demonstrating exceptional verbal clarity and sophistication. 

If you intend to pursue honors in Anthropology you will need to notify the department via email, undergradasu7@uoregon.edu, no later than the first term of your senior year. 

Students must meet all requirements: 

  • Maintains at least a 3.75 GPA in Anthropology coursework 

  • Maintain a cumulative 3.50 overall GPA 

  • Submit an original undergraduate thesis written under the guidance of a departmental faculty member, who serves as thesis advisor. 

  • Honors thesis must be submitted to thesis advisor 6 weeks before the end of the term you are graduating. (example Graduating: Fall – first week in November, Winter- first week in February, Spring- first week in May, Summer- first week in August)