Graduate Admissions

Welcome! Thank you for interest in our program. The Department of Anthropology typically admits 6-9 graduate students annually. Admission is offered only for the Fall term except under highly unusual circumstances. This website will help make the experience of applying to our program more accessible by providing information about the Department of Anthropology’s admissions process and advice for successful applications. The University of Oregon supports every student, regardless of immigration status. 

If you are considering the Department of Anthropology at the University of Oregon, we strongly recommend you first consider how your research interests fit with the research interests of our department. 

Identify a Subdiscipline:

Each prospective graduate student should select an anthropological subdiscipline (Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, Biological Anthropology). Although a core subdiscipline needs to be identified for your application, we recognize that anthropological work today is highly interdisciplinary and an interest in more than one subdiscipline is encouraged and supported. If your research interest is truly interdisciplinary (e.g., Biocultural Anthropology), please use your personal statement to discuss this. 

Identify a Faculty Advisor:

Like sub-disciplines and areas of expertise, prospective graduate students should identify a primary and secondary advisor. Please contact individual faculty members with whom you are interested in working with before applying to the program in order to determine if they are currently accepting students and to discuss your shared interests. The dialog between you and your potential advisor is very important. In the spirit of interdisciplinarity, it is possible to choose a primary and secondary advisor from two different sub-disciplines. Once you have determined that the University of Oregon is the best fit for you and you have made contact with a potential advisor, you can begin preparing your application.

Please contact the Co-Directors of the Graduate Committee, Professors Lynn Stephen ( and Steve Frost (, for further information. 

Apply to the graduate program, by December 1st in two steps:

  1. Complete online application.

  2. Forward official documents.  

*Additionally, international students must fill out the International Financial Statement

Please follow instructions carefully. When indicating area of interest, please use the subfield designations of Archaeology, Biological or Cultural, NOT our areas of excellence. This will facilitate assigning each application to the appropriate review committee.  


Complete the University of Oregon’s Online Application from the Division of Graduate Studies

The Department of Anthropology will automatically receive a copy of your online application. The following documents must be uploaded (in PDF form) onto the Online Application System:  

  • Upload Transcripts. The online application will prompt you to upload transcripts. This upload will serve as the departments’ unofficial copy.  

  • A Statement of Purpose that describes in detail your interests in the field of anthropology and your career plans. Please limit the length of this document to a maximum of 5 single-spaced pages, but shorter statements are preferred. This statement should describe your research interests and experience, professional goals, how these integrate with our department, and why you wish to be admitted to our program. Be sure to indicate the faculty member (or members) and the resources and aspects of the program that seem particularly suited to your educational needs. This statement will be read closely. Please note that your personal statement is very important and should focus on the following information: theoretical interests, relevant classes and/or research experience, and reasons why the Anthropology program at the University of Oregon is the program best suited for your research aims. Be specific! Use your statement to help us picture you in our department. 

  • A writing sample. Provide one sample of your written work. The sample should indicate your potential as a graduate student and anthropologist, so choose carefully. Term papers, papers given at professional meetings, and papers submitted for publication are common choices.  

  • Three (3) Letters of Recommendation from former professors or similar professionals who are in a position to evaluate your potential for successful completion of a graduate degree in anthropology. The Online Application System will guide you through the process. For tips on requesting letters of recommendation, please visit this resource.  

Forward the following official documents as detailed below

One Official Copy of Academic Transcript from the institution(s) from which you have received your degree(s), sent to the Office of the Registrar. The Department of Anthropology does not need an official copy of your transcripts. 

Hard copy transcripts should be sent to: 
Office of the Registrar 
5257 University of Oregon 
Eugene, OR 97403 

Students who apply to the anthropology graduate program in December of 2022 and who will begin their program of study in fall of 2023 are not required to submit GREs. 
More information about the Official Transcript requirements by the Division of Graduate Studies can be found on their website

If you have questions about the application process, contact the Graduate Coordinator. 

Apply to our Graduate Program

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All applicants to the Graduate Program in Anthropology will be considered for Graduate Employee positions. These fellowships come with a full tuition waiver, health insurance, and a modest monthly stipend. Additional information on Graduate Employee positions can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook.

Important Things to Keep in Mind During the Application Process

  • Please make sure your name (including name changes) appears on everything you submit so we can match up records accurately. 

  • Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. 

  • The Department of Anthropology does not accept responsibility for postal or courier service delays for those materials submitted via standard mail.