NAS Major and Minor Course Offerings

Classes that Count Toward the Major and Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Native American Studies requires a minimum of 28 credits, with at least 16 of those being upper-division credits. Students must fulfill distribution requirements, taking at least one class each from the following groups:

  • Group I: Culture, Language, and Education
  • Group II: Law, Policy, Governance, and History
  • Group III: Literature, Media, and the Arts

One class counting toward the minor must be focused on Oregon Indians

All students must take ES 256, Introduction to Native American Studies

Classes counted toward the minor must be completed with grades of mid-C or higher.

Classes counted toward the minor must be taken for a letter grade.

*denotes that class fulfills “Oregon Tribes” distribution requirement.


Core Classes

Required of all minors:

ES 256 Introduction to Native American Studies


Group 1: Culture, language, and education

AIL 101-103, 201-203: Chinuk Wawa (LCC) *

ANTH 248 Archaeology of Wild Foods

ANTH 310 Exploring Other Cultures: [Topic: Oregon Indians] *

ANTH 320 Native North Americans

ANTH 410/510 Experimental Course: Working with Oregon Tribes *

EDST 456/556 Equal Opportunity: Decolonization and Genocide

FLR 410/510 Craft, Clothing, and Culture

LING 399 Oregon’s Indigenous Languages*

LT 199 Special Studies: Sahaptin Language*

LT 199 Special Studies: Tolowa and Lushootseed language self/guided study *

PHIL 451/551 Native American Philosophy


Group 2: law, policy, governance, and history

CAS 101H: Reacting to the Past (Red Clay 1835 and Forest Diplomacy) (Hatfield, O’Neal, Ostler)

ENVS 435/535 Environmental Justice

ENVS 411/511: Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples in the United States

ES 258: Introduction to Pacific Islander Studies

ES 350: Native Americans and the Environment

ES 399: Special Studies: Oregon Indians*

ES 407/507: Seminar: [Topic- Native American-African American Relations]

ES 407/507: Seminar: [Topic- Native American-Latinx Relations]

ES 407/507: Seminar: [Topic- Native American Ethnohistory]

ES 410: Experimental Course: [Topic- Native Feminisms]

ES 410: Experimental Course: [Topic- Critical Indigenous Theory]

ES 410: Experimental Course: [Topic- Queer Indigenous Theory]

ES 456/556: History of Native American Education

HC 444h: Race and Ethnicity in the American West. (Hatfield, O’Neal)

HC 444h: Northern Paiute History. (Hatfield, O’Neal)

HIST 399: Special Studies: Pacific Northwest Indians*

HIST 407: Seminar: Indian Nations in the United States

HIST 468: American Indian History: Pacific Northwest*

HIST 469/569: American Indian History: [Topic – Plains Indian History]

HIST 469/569: American Indian History: [Topic- Black Elk Speaks]

HIST 469/569: American Indian History: [Topic – American Indian Treaties]

HIST 469/569: American Indian History: [Topic – Indian Removals]

PS 399: American Indian Politics

WGS 410: Experimental Course: [Topic- Native Feminisms]


Group 3: literature, media, and the arts.

ARH 463: Native American Architecture

ENG 244: Intro to Native American Literature

ENG 361: Native American Writers

ENG 468: Ethnic Literature [Topic: Native American Literature]

ENG 488/588: Race and Representation in Film [Topic: Native American Literature and Film]

ES 370: Race, Ethnicity, and Cinema: [Topic: Native Americans and Film]

ES 410: Queer Indigenous Studies

ES 410/510: Native Feminisms

J 412/512: Issues in Communication Studies: [Topic – American Indians and the Media]

TA 472/572: Multicultural Theater: [Topic: Native American Theater]


Related classes  (up to 4 credits total can be counted toward the minor):

Group 1 (related classes): culture, language, and education

ANTH 310: Exploring Other Cultures: [Topic: Indigenous Immigrants in Oregon]

ANTH 344: Oregon Archaeology*

ANTH 410: Oregon Coast Archaeology*

ANTH 433: Native Central Americans

ANTH 434/534: Native South Americans

ANTH 442: Northwest Coast Archaeology

ANTH 443/543: North American Archaeology


Group 2 (related classes): law, policy, governance, and history

HIST 482: Latin America’s Indian Peoples

New classes to be included will be approved annually by the advisory committee.

For the list of classes available by term, search under the subject “Native American Studies” in the UO Class Schedule