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Students interested in participating in research can check with our research labs for available positions.

Lucy Roberts

Content Analysis of International COVID-19 Dashboards

“Originally, when I came to school, I was interested in public health because it was a field with fascinating implications at the junction between science and society. As I have progressed throughout my degree, I have grown to appreciate how GIS and geography as a field give me the language and technical tools to explore and express how science and society intersect and influence each other throughout time. From my historic forensic work with the Umatilla Indian Reservation to developing a tool to recreate shipping routes, I continue to find new ways to explore how to apply new developments in technology to gain clearer understanding of the world around me.”

—Lucy Roberts, Spatial Data Science major, Global Health minor, 2023

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Kate Reynolds

Fostering Peace Through Political Ecology

“My research focuses on identifying and analyzing the main themes from Palestinian and Israeli government narratives surrounding the 1977 za’atar regulation in Israel and occupied territories of the West Bank and its continued implementation to understand its motivations. Understanding the Palestinian response to this regulation ties this case study to the broader need for the application of political ecology in instances of occupation to ensure lasting solutions to peace in the region.” 

—Kate Reynold, Geography major, 2023

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